The village


In Kamilari you can choose from a number of authentic restaurants where you can enjoy lunch or dinner. All of this within walking distance of our house. Nothing more delightful than eating in the evening outside in the streets of Kamilari. In all of the restaurants, the hospitality is of key importance. In some you can even look in the kitchen to choose what you want to eat.


Grocery shopping can be done at Milonas, the local supermarket in the Centre of the village. There is also the butcher. Near our House is a good bakery located where the bread freshly baked every morning. Also you can have breakfast or enjoy a cup of coffee with some goodies. How about the homemade chocolate ice cream?
In addition to the daily shopping you can in Kamilari also go for home accessories, trinkets, a wine bar and pharmacy.

Mires and Tympaki

The regional hospital is located in Mires and you can find plenty of shops. On short driving distance there are the larger supermarkets.

In Mires there is a market every saturday morning, In Tympaki the market is on friday morning.